Mongrel Mob rules out role in mowing gang

The Dunedin Notorious Mongrel Mob is distancing itself from a plan to allow gang members to compete for the city's green space contracts.

This comes after the Dunedin City Council said it was preparing to run a trial allowing a group led by Mangu Kaha (Black Power) leader Albert Epere to compete for small contracts from its parks and reserves department.

A Dunedin Notorious Mongrel Mob spokesman said it would not be involved in Mr Epere and the council's initiative.

The two gangs made a joint submission at last year's annual plan hearings where the idea of picking up council contracts was brought up, but the Notorious Mongrel Mob's focus was on getting access to City Forests trees to provide firewood for families who struggled to stay warm during the winter.

While the two gangs were both keen on having greater involvement in the community, they were doing it separately.

Council community adviser Michael Laufiso said the council was still waiting for a response from City Forests over the Notorious Mongrel Mob getting access to firewood.

''But we are aware that there will be a requirement - similar to what [Mr Epere] will need to do - around health and safety and compliance, before any of that can happen,'' Mr Laufiso said.

It was also looking at options to access firewood from other sources.

Mr Epere could not be reached for comment.