More homes to be insulated

A group that aims to make every house in Dunedin warm within 11 years has been given another shot in the arm by the Government's Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (Eeca).

The authority has approved subsidies for another 1200 Dunedin homes to receive insulation over the next year, with potential for more to be done.

It has approved three local insulation companies to do the work.

The Government pays for 60% of the insulation work with other funders - mainly the Otago Community Trust - picking up the rest of the tab for those who qualify to get free insulation.

Warming up homes in Dunedin has become the focus of a group called Cosy Homes, set up to co-ordinate the work of various social, local and central government agencies.

Cosy Homes chairman Jeff Donaldson said the insulation subsidies were just part of the work the group was doing and other things such as heating appliances, full-length curtains and eliminating drafts were all part of the solution.

The group helped facilitate about 1000 Dunedin homes being insulated over the past three months, thanks to a special offer from Eeca.

Otago Community Trust chief executive Barbara Bridger said the trust had got involved with the insulation scheme last year because of the huge health benefits that resulted.

It had spent $200,000 last year and had decided to double that to $400,000 this year. It was also involved with the Cosy Homes group and worked closely with social agencies in Otago.

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