New roundabout layouts confusing some

Photos: Gerard O'Brien
Photos: Gerard O'Brien
Some drivers are adapting better than others to new roundabout layouts in Green Island.

The shape of the roundabouts on either side of the Southern Motorway overbridge in Green Island have started to emerge.

The coned-off circles appeared to confuse at least one driver (bottom), who drove through the centre of the circle rather than around it.

The NZ Transport Agency is building three roundabouts in the vicinity to improve safety and traffic flows.

The project is jointly funded by the NZTA and Dunedin City Council and is expected to be completed by the end of this month.


What is confusing about the layouts pictured? Absolutely nothing.
The driver in the second picture is a total muppet, and to suggest the layout is confusing to some drivers means there are some drivers who shouldn't have a drivers licence.