Offender wore ski goggles for spray

An offender wielding a metal pipe donned ski goggles to protect himself from pepper spray as he advanced towards a policeman.

Jayden Lombardi, of Gimmerburn, when he appeared before Judge Kevin Phillips in the Dunedin District Court yesterday, admitted six charges relating to an incident in Ranfurly on July 13.

The 21-year-old was involved in a heated argument on July 13 with his ex-girlfriend, and started smashing a set of drawers.

Police prosecutor Tim Hambleton said Lombardi's former partner felt unsafe and left the home they shared, armed with two knives, and dialled 111.

As she walked away Lombardi drove towards her on a motorcycle, telling her that all her clothes were on fire.

He then returned to the home and the victim heard a gunshot as she walked down the driveway.

Senior Constable Steve Burke, of Ranfurly, arrived at the scene and saw Lombardi riding his motorcycle down the 500m driveway towards the sole charge policeman.

Lombardi swore at Snr Const Burke to get off his property as the woman returned, saying some of her property had been damaged.

Told he was under arrest for wilful damage, Lombardi challenged the officer to a fight, saying he would not be arrested.

Snr Const Burke explained he was already under arrest.

The officer drew his pepper spray as the offender fled back to the property, Mr Hambleton said.

As the victim told of firearms being at the property, Lombardi began driving a van towards Snr Const Burke, who was now armed with a Taser.

Lombardi got out of his van, wearing ski goggles to protect against the pepper spray, reiterated he had told the officer to leave and challenged him again to a fight, as he swung a metal pipe in front of him.

Lombardi later returned to the van, discarded the pipe and removed the goggles, and attempted to get on the motorcycle.

Snr Const Burke approached, drawing his Taser while telling Lombardi he was under arrest.

He was handcuffed but a violent struggle ensued as Snr Const Burke led him to his patrol vehicle.

Lombardi ran off, climbed over a fence and ran across a paddock.

Snr Const Burke followed in his vehicle and tried to reason with Lombardi.

After he jumped back over a fence on to the road another struggle ensued before he was put in the police car.

As the officer spoke to the victim and her family, who had arrived in a vehicle, Lombardi got out of the officer's vehicle and tried to flee.

A struggle ended with Lombardi being placed in leg restraints and taken back to the Ranfurly police station.

He was charged with two firearm offences, intentionally damaging property, escaping police custody, resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

Counsel Rhona Daysh told the court Lombardi had asked if restorative justice could be investigated.

Lombardi was remanded in custody to appear next month.