Peninsula shared path debate continues

Submissions on the sequence of road improvements for Portobello Rd-Harington Point Rd continued yesterday, with both sides of the debate again putting their cases.

Several supporters of the council prioritising the Vauxhall-Glenfalloch section said they had travelled to Broad Bay at 3pm on Thursday, concerned about comments from people that that area needed the shared path first, to make access to schools safer. However, they noted there were already paths in the communities, albeit not wide ones.

''I don't think the infrastructure is fantastic at Broad Bay, but at least it's partially there. There is basically nothing in that first section, and I really support starting the work there,'' Belleknowes resident Simon Noble said.

Whichever option the council chose, there were some things it could do to make the other sections of the road safer in the meantime, such as more signs and road markings, or bollards, he said.

Challis resident Lindsay Smith said he knew several children who would love to cycle to intermediate or secondary school if the city end was done first.

When asked by Cr Richard Thomson, supporters of the Broad Bay-Portobello sections being done first said they would ''absolutely'' use the new path, despite it being across a main road from the school.

Korena Paterson was representative of other submissions when she said the existing sequence of work, which has the Broad Bay section next, was established by the community in 2005 and should remain. The suggestion of change at this stage was leading to a great deal of frustration in the community.

''You need to stick with what's already planned, already budgeted for and already scheduled.''

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