Quarrying ordered stopped on Saddle Hill ridge line

The Environment Court has granted an injunction to stop quarrying on the ridge line of the Saddle Hill quarry.

The order requires the skyline to remain unchanged until a decision is made on an earlier application to the court from the Dunedin City Council seeking a decision on what quarrying can be lawfully carried out.

The DCC's application for a declaration from the Environment Court was lodged in 2011. While it has been subject to delays it is now expected the Environment Court will hear the application in mid-December.

The council applied for the interim enforcement order earlier this month to prevent any quarrying that affects the skyline.

Council staff began investigating the quarrying activities in 2010. Following mediation, the DCC went to the Environment Court to determine the legal rights of quarry owners Saddle Views Estate Ltd to continue quarrying on Saddle Hill.

In September 2012 the council was notified that quarrying had occurred that affected the skyline, and the injunction application was lodged on November 6.

Judge Jon Jackson made the interim enforcement order on November 9.

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