Residents urged to video student 'mayhem'

Dalmore residents are being encouraged to video students behaving badly in an attempt to stop...
Dalmore residents are being encouraged to video students behaving badly in an attempt to stop damage being done to vehicles and letter boxes in the area. Photo by Craig Baxter.
Dalmore man has called on Dunedin residents to film University of Otago students creating chaos in the hope it will encourage the "children" to improve their behaviour.

The Gladstone Rd resident, who declined to be named, believed this year's group of students was worse than any other.

"Living just down the street from Aquinas College, we fear what Thursday through Sunday holds," he said.

"It starts with these immature children coming down the street at about 9pm.

Already [drunk] and ready to show us how chasing a degree has nothing to do with who they really are - a bunch of children who have to answer to no-one.

"So, here we are taking the brunt of the mayhem they bestow upon the city.

If they do not kick the mirrors off our vehicles when they are on their way to town, they rip out our post boxes on the way back . . ."

Rubbish littered the street every night and the noise from the students kept infants and children in the area up until "all hours", he said.

"We have had enough.

I would think that most of the other residents of Dunedin feel the same way."

The time had come for the citizens of Dunedin to take matters into "the hands of the responsible", he said.

"It is clear that the police, the University of Otago and the night porters of the colleges cannot do it all on their own.

"So I propose this, and charge the community to take a stand.

If we are going to take back our city, it must come from those of us who tend to live out our lives out here."

He asked residents to keep a video camera or digital camera with a video feature on hand and when they saw students behaving badly, to record it, and forward it to Dunedin police.

"Do not just sit around and let these children do what they want. If you see something wrong, take a stand and confront them. Get names, record times, and events. Set up a local watch that you attend."

He agreed not all students were to blame, but said if a student could influence others to drink, they could also influence others to do the right thing and respect their neighbours' homes.

To the students, the man said, "Until you influence others to behave in our city, I choose to see you as nothing other than children with money to spend."

"Say what you will, try to separate the few of you who do not act in this manner, but the truth is, the majority rules.

The sentence is passed.

Grow up, or get out of our city."

Senior Sergeant Brian Benn, of Dunedin, welcomed the initiative.

"I think people are entitled to protect their property, and if they see someone damaging it and they can get evidence of it, that will help us apprehend the offenders."

However, for safety reasons, he did not recommend residents confront the offenders.

"A photo is all we need."

A University of Otago spokeswoman declined to comment.



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