Roller ends up in harbour

Fulton Hogan staff contemplate their next move after a roller ended up in Otago Harbour near the...
Fulton Hogan staff contemplate their next move after a roller ended up in Otago Harbour near the Cove, late yesterday afternoon. PHOTO: GREGOR RICHARDSON
Dunedin City Council contractor Fulton Hogan staff may be feeling a little flat after one of their rollers took an unscheduled dip in Otago Harbour.

Work on the Peninsula Connection safety improvement project on Otago Peninsula came to a sudden halt late late this afternoon, after the machine rolled off Portobello Rd near the Cove.

The vehicle came to rest with its back wheels on the rock wall and its large front end submerged in the water.

The accident saw a significant queue of cars forming as the roller was retrieved.

Council staff contacted tonight had few details but said there were no injuries reported.

Police and St John staff said they were not called to the incident.

It was the third accident involving a Fulton Hogan vehicle at the site following two earlier incidents - within days of each other - which saw the site temporarily shut down in July.

The first accident happened when a truck rolled down a bank - landing on its roof - while working near the Cove on July 16, forcing a three-day closure of the site.

The second incident happened on July 25 when another Fulton Hogan vehicle on site also rolled, prompting a second closure until the site reopened on July 30.

Neither accident resulted in injury, but investigations in both cases blamed plant positioned too close to edges, which caused collapses and the vehicles to roll, council staff said at the time.


You've got ask yourself how they manage to get these vehicles in harbour? This project has been beset by endless incompetence, Yet another delay for peninsula residents trying to get home, Now these contractors are blocking the roadway in the weekends, evenings with huge delays and lousy traffic management. I have been in rush hour traffic where they blocked both lanes for 20 minutes. The DCC needs to tighten on these turkeys to stop these things happening.


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