Sounds to Town runner raises $15,000

Conquering a 600km ultramarathon was not the only milestone Glenn Sutton reached last week.

The Dunedin athlete still made the time to commemorate his 25th wedding anniversary during a six-day stint from Milford Sound to Dunedin.

Mr Sutton said having a sit-down with feet firmly in one place was "a lot to take in".

After getting off to a wet start last Tuesday, Mr Sutton said the trip went off without a hitch.

The toughest part was trying to stay positive for such a long time, he said.

"Not everything goes your way out there, so you’ve got to adapt on the fly. 

"You’ve got to be patient and it will all evolve."

During day two of the trip, last Wednesday, Mr Sutton said he was able to "sort of" celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary.

While he was unable to be with his wife at the time, his six-person support crew made sure the occasion did not pass unnoticed.

"The boys cooked me some chicken nuggets, we had a couple of wee cakes.

"It’s just wee quirky things like that that get you along."

Dressing themselves up and running alongside him wearing funny wigs also stopped him from feeling too low throughout the nights.

Mr Sutton said he would not have been able to get as far as he did without his team’s support, who had also spent time away from their families.

"It’s just good humour, they’re all good boys and it’s just great to spend so much time with them. I owe them heaps."

The goal was a distance of 617km - from Milford Sound to Dunedin - but once he hit 603km at the Outram Hotel, Mr Sutton said he had "been hurting" and so asked his boys to bring home the final 14km.

The distance and time of the trip, about 125 hours, made it "right up there" with his previous feats - which included a 570km non-stop run from Milford Sound to Mt Cook.

As well as planning to celebrate his anniversary, with his wife this time, Mr Sutton said he would have a couple of weeks off for his body to repair before finding "something else challenging".

Dunedin ultra-marathon runner Glenn Sutton is greeted by supporters as he arrives at Emerson’s...
Dunedin ultra-marathon runner Glenn Sutton is greeted by supporters as he arrives at Emerson’s Brewery to complete the last leg of his 600km run between Milford Sound and Dunedin. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH

About 70 people gathered at the finishing line outside Emerson’s Brewery yesterday to welcome Mr Sutton home.

Sounds to Town organiser Hamish Tyson said he was very proud of Mr Sutton’s effort and motivation.

Mr Sutton had raised about $15,000 for Farmstrong, a rural wellbeing programme, after losing a family friend himself to suicide.

Mr Tyson said it was cool to hear about all the people following their daily updates and the support had not gone unnoticed, he said.

It felt like everyone knew where they were the whole time.

"What can you say, it’s just amazing."