Students take Dunedin’s street art to rest-homes

Otago Polytechnic students (from left) Raveena Victor John (20), Tajsha Nesdoly (23) and Alex...
Otago Polytechnic students (from left) Raveena Victor John (20), Tajsha Nesdoly (23) and Alex Porritt (20) speak to seniors at Senior Link day activities centre. Photo: Craig Baxter
Occupational therapy students  brought  street art to Dunedin’s rest-home residents last  week, as part of their placements within local community groups. The presentation includes images, video, music and commentary on various pieces of art.

First-year student Tajsha Nesdoly said the group was sharing facts about the artists, and descriptions of the paintings. Ms Nesdoly said the aim was to show what the city looked like now to people who maybe could not go out and see it.

It was designed to encourage people to feel connected to and proud of Dunedin. Among the places the students had visited was the Blind Foundation, where the images were described, instead of  being shown. Ms Nesdoly and her classmates Raveena Victor John and Alex Porritt made a presentation to people attending the Senior Link day activities centre in Hillside Rd, South Dunedin, on Friday.

Their presentation included information about street artworks in Vogel St, Stafford St, Moray Pl and Manse St, by a UK artist called Phlegm, who did "whimsical and textured" paintings all over the world. Ms Nesdoly said the students focused on 30 slides for their presentation.

Daycare centre user Daisy Madden (81) said there were several pieces she saw which she thought were outstanding.

"They took so much trouble to do them. "I think they are very nice. I think the council should do more [to promote them]."

Fellow daycare centre user Karen Madsen said she was impressed by the exhibition and loved the colours.

"But I can’t get around as much as I would like, so I haven’t seen any of them. But I would like to." 

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