Stuntman conquers Baldwin St

Cardrona stuntman Ian Soanes has successfully ridden down Dunedin's Baldwin St on a motorcycle on one wheel in a world-first today.

Encouraged by the crowd which lined either side of the world's steepest street for the 5pm attempt, Mr Soanes edged his way carefully down the down the slope to complete the wheelie descent in about a minute.

"Man, that was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be," he said at the bottom.

Not content with the descent, the daredevil then rode back up the street on one wheel.

Mr Soanes, who owns and operates the Cardrona Adventure Park in the Cardrona Valley, has fashioned a 30-year stunt career during which he has jumped monster trucks over aeroplanes and through burning double-decker buses, been the first person to wheel-stand a tractor and performed leaps on motorcycles.



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