Thunderous approval

Photo: Linda Robertson
Photo: Linda Robertson
Enjoying the pristine new ice surface at  the Dunedin Ice Stadium’s reopening party on Saturday are (from left) Regan Wilson, Will Calvert (7), Mat Enright, son Beau Enright (4), Benji Gavoille, Zac Enright (4) and Matilda Phillips (6). The three men are Dunedin Thunder ice hockey players.

The stadium has been closed since December 10 for work to rectify an underground ice block threatening its playing surfaces.

Dunedin Ice Skating Club coach Megan Kliegl said everyone from figure skaters to ice hockey players were thrilled to be able to get back on the ice in Dunedin, having spent the past two months travelling to Gore to train.

"Everyone’s just ready to rumble."

In her view, the new surface was a big improvement, as it was much smoother and faster thanks to the use of de-ionised water.

The Dunedin ice hockey team starts a new season in May.


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