Top teacher twice

Dunedin School of Medicine top teaching award-winner Associate Prof Gerry Wilkins (left) and...
Dunedin School of Medicine top teaching award-winner Associate Prof Gerry Wilkins (left) and University of Otago health sciences pro-vice-chancellor Prof Peter Crampton. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Dunedin heart specialist Associate Prof Gerry Wilkins won his second supreme teaching award at the Dunedin School of Medicine Teaching Awards at Dunedin Hospital yesterday.

The award is based on feedback from fourth and fifth-year medical students.

Prof Wilkins also won the senior staff award for quality in teaching at the inaugural competition in 2004.

While modest about the award, Prof Wilkins said it recognised the role of practical instruction in a medical education.

"It recognises the essential role of apprenticeship in medical education.

"Young doctors want to feel part of a team."

He teaches at all levels of the school.

Enthusiasm was an essential part of teaching well, he said.

Dunedin School of Medicine dean Dr John Adams said more awards were given out this year, because many teachers were rated equal.

Other school teaching awards were: Certificate for trainee intern, Peter McLeod, Jenny Park, Wei Zhang; certificate to house officer, Dr Greg Tarr; commended, Dr Kevin Chen, Dr Steven Murugayah; certificate to registrar, Dr Kheman Rajkomar; commended, Dr Che Siu Lim; dean's commendation to Invercargill teaching staff, Dr Viliame Sotutu, Dr James Faherty; certificate to the nursing team which provided the best learning environment, 8C, 6A, fracture clinic; senior staff commendations, Dr Kristin Kenrick, Dr Verne Smith, John Matheson, Dr Blair Bermingham, Associate Prof Mark Thompson-Fawcett, Associate Prof Cheu-kit Wong, Dr Ben Brockway, Dr Wendy Busby.


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