Tower to allow more exact wind turbine site testing

The Blueskin Energy Project has been given a boost, a loan by Transpower of a 30m wind tower allowing it to carry out more precise testing at its proposed wind turbine site.

The trust's project manager, Scott Willis, said it was hoped the tower would be set up on Porteous Hill, which is above Warrington, before Christmas.

The pole would allow the group to carry out more precise wind testing at the site, which would be important for sourcing funding for the project.

Use of the tower was arranged by renewable energy consultancy company Garrad Hassan's Wellington office, the tower's owner, Transpower, allowing the group to use it free of charge, Mr Willis said.

A $6000 grant from climate change action group Hikurangi Foundation would help pay for specialised equipment to be attached to the tower, installing the tower and other costs related to using the tower.

Previous wind data collection had shown erecting wind turbines at the site was financially viable, but the use of the tower would provide more "certainty" to potential investors, he said.

The trust plans to erect four turbines on Porteous Hill, capable of generating 5.2GWh of energy each year, at a cost of about $5 million.


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