Tree removed bit by bit

Photos by Peter McIntosh.
Photos by Peter McIntosh.

Contractors use a crane yesterday to begin the delicate procedure of removing piece by piece a giant Wellingtonia tree growing in the courtyard of a Pact residential care facility for people with intellectual disabilities in the Dunedin suburb of Wakari.

The city council recently granted Pact consent to remove the 100-year-old 38m-high protected tree, because it was messy and branches had damaged the roof.

Asphlund area manager Alan Page said supervisor Nick Houghton and a team of three other arborists expected it would take four or five days to take the tree down, depending on the weather.

The job was a particularly difficult one because of the location of the tree, he said.

The residents of the home had moved out for the week, while the tree came down.

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