Tree schedule open to nominations

Anna Johnson.
Anna Johnson.
Dunedin residents are being given the chance to add their leafy favourites to Dunedin's schedule of significant trees.

Dunedin City Council city development manager Dr Anna Johnson said that as part of the council's review of the district plan, which contains the schedule, the council was seeking nominations for trees residents believed mattered to the heritage and environmental fabric of the city.

If assessed as being significant, nominated trees would be added to the schedule, which at present lists more than 1200 trees and more than 100 groups of trees identified as worthy of protection.

Candidates for the schedule could be located anywhere and selected for consideration if they were particularly magnificent, of historic significance, of great stature or scientifically valuable.

Dunedin was a city that took pride in its landscapes and environment, Dr Johnson said.

''Trees in the urban environment are part of Dunedin's charm, whether these are large natives, which support bellbirds and tui, or exotics planted by early settlers."

The council wanted to ensure it identified and protected special trees that significantly contributed to people's perceptions and enjoyment of the city.

A council arborist and landscape architect would assess nominated trees to determine whether they warranted inclusion on the revised schedule.

The assessment was based on the standard tree evaluation method, which evaluated positive and negative aspects of each tree against criteria relating to the health of the tree, its characteristics and any other important values it had (including stature and historic or scientific value).

Property owners could also request a reassessment if they believed the status of a tree or stand of trees had changed noticeably since it was included on the schedule.

The nomination form is available from the council by phoning 477-4000 or visiting the council's website. Nominations close on March 1.

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