Two caught after incident at shop

A man has received bail after allegedly stealing an archery sight from a Dunedin outdoors equipment shop,  threatening staff and fleeing on foot yesterday afternoon.

Hunting & Fishing Dunedin  owner Scott Kunac said  two men entered his Crawford St shop, before

one of them allegedly pocketed the  sight.

When they were stopped at the door, one of the men allegedly threatened staff, Mr Kunac said.

"He said that he had a weapon on him and it freaked everybody out a little bit."

The pair  then ran towards the nearby Oval sports ground, where a witness saw them  enter bushes.

Police were called about 2pm.

Mr Kunac understood the armed offenders squad, which  had recently been stood down from a  call in Central Otago, was sent to the scene. Shortly after, officers caught the two men near the Oval, on the Andersons Bay Rd side.

Police, including a member of the armed offenders squad, apprehend two men after an alleged theft...
Police, including a member of the armed offenders squad, apprehend two men after an alleged theft in Dunedin. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
A police spokeswoman said a 24-year-old man had been charged with shoplifting and would appear in the Dunedin District Court on Friday.

He was bailed yesterday evening.

It was not known if his  accomplice also faced charges.

Mr Kunac said it was the second incident at  his shop  in two days.

On Saturday, a man known to police as a "good shoplifter", and whose picture was  on the store’s wall, also stole from the shop, but remained at large.

He refused to stop when he was caught at the door by staff, before driving off in his car at speed.

"And they nearly ran me over in the car park."

He and his staff were frustrated by  the thefts, he said.

"They’re on CCTV camera the whole time, and yet they still pinch stuff from your store, and walk out of the store as if they owned it."

Dunedin police (03) 471-4800, Crimestoppers 0800-555-111.


Put the footage up on social media. Family shame/pressure may get them to give themselves up.

Or at the very least the public can identify them. If you sit on your hands and expect Police to do all the work then you'll never catch them given how understaffed they are.