University exploring ways to be carbon neutral

The University of Otago is investigating a low or zero carbon future as it looks for ways to become a more sustainable campus.

Otago University sustainability co-ordinator Hilary Phipps said the university recognised its responsibility to behave in an "environmentally responsible manner" and was looking at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of this effort, the university's sustainability advisory committee, which Ms Phipps was a part of, this year committed to exploring the issues around the university working towards being carbon neutral.

This included creating an inventory of the university's greenhouse gas emissions for this year, which would help it identify where it could best target efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, she said.

Creating the inventory was a "very large undertaking" and would not be completed until the first half of next year.

Ms Phipps said the involvement of staff, students and other relevant stakeholders would be crucial in the university's mission to become a more sustainable institution.


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