Volunteer cricket mum nine not out

Photo by Craig Baxter.
Photo by Craig Baxter.
Nine not out doesn't sound like much, but it's a performance which made Donna Burns the toast of Dunedin cricket last week.

Mrs Burns, president of Taieri Junior Cricket Club, has given nine summers to junior cricket at Brooklands Park and her dedication to the club was rewarded as she was awarded the Gordon McGregor Trophy for services to cricket at the Dunedin Cricket Association (DCA) awards last Wednesday.

''I was totally taken surprise. I had no idea,'' Mrs Burns said.

''Tim [O'Sullivan, operations manager of the DCA] was reading out a story and I thought I wonder who this is. He was quite a bit through the story and I realised it was me.''

She was ''absolutely'' pleased to receive the award.

''It was really good to be acknowledged because it is voluntary; it's all done on your own time and for love - but I like supporting kids to play sport.''

Although she was not always a fan of the game - ''I think it's safe to say I came to cricket through my children's interest'' - she was a big fan of the game now. She is not ready to call time on her presidency.

''I have thought of things that could improve the club and I want to do those, so I don't want to quit just at the moment,'' she said.

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