Website designer has school market in mind

Indy Griffiths sets about developing his Parent Interviews website now that he has time to give...
Indy Griffiths sets about developing his Parent Interviews website now that he has time to give it 100% focus. Photo by Gregor Richardson.
No-one was more pleased when the school holidays arrived.

For Indy Griffiths, the end of exams and school meant the real work could begin.

He is relishing the extra time he has to focus on developing his Parent Interviews website, which the 18-year-old hopes will earn him more than $250,000 a year before he finishes university.

''I've finally got time to get stuck in to this and give it 100% before university starts.''

The website allows schools to easily manage parent-teacher interviews online.

Parents book online, and everything is handled by the website, leaving teachers to focus on teaching rather than the time-consuming job of sorting out their interview schedule.

Bayfield High School staff were impressed and have been using it for the past 12 months to arrange parent-teacher interviews, and a further six schools want to trial the program in the hope of going into a full partnership, he said.

While it was still early days, Mr Griffiths believed it was feasible to attract up to 1500 schools within the next two years, which could earn more than $250,000 in subscriptions a year.

In recent developments, Mr Griffiths is investigating going into partnership with Christchurch-based company, School-links.

The company provides early notification services, used by schools to notify parents their children have not turned up to school.

''They provide their service to 300 New Zealand schools - they want to make my service available to their schools.''

Mr Griffiths said in recent weeks he had simplified the interview booking process so that parents could just type in their child's name and the system would tell them which teachers to book interviews with, rather than having to sort through the entire list of teachers at the school.

He has also been working on providing a reminders service, whereby parents receive text messages reminding them of the time, place and teacher their interview is with.

He hoped to have the service ready by next month, and eventually he planned to make it available to schools around the globe.

Mr Griffiths said he was working hard over the holidays to get the website into a position where he could run/maintain it while he started a bachelor of science degree, majoring in computer science, this year.

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