Windows broken at three Dunedin businesses

Police are investigating three cases of windows in Dunedin business premises being damaged, apparently by some kind of projectile.

One case was in the central city and the others were in Andersons Bay Rd.

Police are treating the incidents as related though investigations are ongoing. 

It is understood that a spherical, marble-like object was recovered after a pane of glass near the front door was damaged at the Dunedin branch of electrical supplier Redpaths in Cumberland St.

A pane of glass in the frontage at SGB Motors Ltd in Andersons Bay Rd was also damaged, apparently after being struck by a small object of some kind.

The damage had been reportedly done between 5.30pm on Friday and 9.30am today.

Staff at the two businesses said the damage had been discovered when they had arrived to open up this morning, and police had been advised.

A third case in which a window was shattered was also reported to police this morning after staff arrived at a branch of Cooke Howlison Ltd, also in Andersons Bay Rd.

It remains unclear what was used in the incidents though police have ruled out a firearm. 

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