Man banned from owning animals after neglecting sheep, dog

The sheep had to be euthanised because its wound was so badly infected. Photo: Supplied / SPCA
The sheep had to be euthanised because its wound was so badly infected. Photo: Supplied / SPCA
A Bay of Plenty man has been banned from owning animals and fined thousands of dollars after allowing a sheep's wound to become so infected she had to be euthanised.

The SPCA prosecuted the man for neglecting the sheep and a sick dog living at his property in Whakamarama.

The SPCA was called to the property in September 2022 after a neighbour expressed concern for the injured sheep.

When they arrived, one of the ewe's legs was black and dangling from its body. The only treatment it had received was a home-made splint with zip ties.

"This poor animal was clearly in pain and distressed, and it's appalling that this individual failed to seek any kind of help for her," SPCA chief executive Todd Westwood said in a statement.

The sheep was rushed to a nearby vet, who noted that the leg had been de-gloved and become septic and concluded the ewe should be euthanised to end its suffering.

"It's devastating to imagine how much this sheep suffered in her final days, and to know it was all avoidable," Westwood said.

On a follow-up visit, SPCA inspectors also noted that the man's border-collie, Roxy, appeared to be underweight and its face was swollen.

Roxy was seized by SPCA staff but attempts to treat her injuries failed and she was also euthanised.

"The defendant's attitude towards his animals, that they should be left to die without seeking help or relief for them, demonstrates a complete disregard for the fact these animals are sentient beings who feel pain and distress just as we do," Westwood said.

The man was sentenced at Tauranga District Court on Friday afternoon to 12 months of intensive supervision, 100 hours of community work, and was disqualified from owning animals for five years.

He was also ordered to pay $2933 in reparations and $250 in legal costs.