No suggestion Wellington death linked to virus: Bloomfield

A man has died at a Wellington motel after battling flu-like symptoms.

Emergency services were called to the motel about 10pm last night, and police are now investigating.

It is understood the man was aged in his 40s, had a high fever, and was suffering from recent coughing and breathing issues, Stuff reported.

Matthew Wright , owner of the Pickled Parrot Lodge where the man died, told Stuff the man was about 160kg with pre-existing health conditions which had recently put him in hospital, before he discharged himself and died at the lodge.

He believed the death was most likely from a heart-attack and had not heard of any suggestion of it being coronavirus.

The Pickled Parrot was exclusively for long-term accommodation and Wright was not aware of any residents who had been overseas recently.

The man had been living at the lodge for four or five years, Wright told Stuff.

At the 1pm press conference Dr Ashley Bloomfield said there was no suggestion the man who died in a Wellington hotel room died of a Covid-19-related transmission.

There are currently 1106 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New Zealand, and one confirmed death.

West Coast woman Anne Guenole died a week ago after being admitted to hospital with flu-like symptoms. The 73-year-old tested positive for the virus shortly before her death.