Powerline tampering plunges homes into darkness

Powerline tampering in Christchurch plunged more than 20 homes into darkness for two nights in a row, police say.

Senior Sergeant Roy Appley said the incidents hit areas close to schools, pre-schools, recreational facilities and residential streets.

"Police are asking members of the public who see suspicious activity around powerlines to report information to police as soon as possible with as much information as possible.

Photo: Police
Photo: Police
“Fortunately no one has been injured at this stage; however, police remain concerned it is only a matter of time.

"Tampering with powerlines places yourself and members of the public at risk of electrocution for a small return.

"Power outages can also have devastating effects, especially for those in assisted living situations, such as those on life support or assisted breathing machines."

If you see any suspicious activity around powerlines contact the police on 111 or 105 if it is after the fact.