Slain shopkeeper farewelled

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar
Slain shopkeeper Arun Kumar was cremated today as hundreds of mourners gathered to remember him.

"You were always by the side of your loved ones," daughter Sheenal said in a tribute read before hundreds of mourners at Arun's memorial service in Wiri this afternoon.

The Kumars' closeness and strong sense of duty were evident in Sheenal's tribute.

"We missed out on the opportunity and the honour of taking care of you in our older years," she said. "It saddens us both that we won't have that opportunity and we won't be able to give you what you gave your parents," she added.

Instead of growing old with his family, 57-year-old Arun died at the Henderson dairy where he had worked so hard since becoming his own boss five years ago.

He was fatally stabbed on Tuesday at his dairy. Two youths, aged 12 and 13, have been charged in relation to the incident.

Despite the shocking circumstances of Arun's death, master of ceremonies Sam Achary told those gathered at the funeral home not to ask how or why the crime occurred, or to seek recrimination, but to comfort one another.

"The family's getting through a difficult time today. Tomorrow it could be any one of us."

- John Weekes, Herald on Sunday

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