Thousands in Aus sign petition to deport violent Kiwi

Caleb Maraku knocks out 19 year old Taliesin O'Meara outisde a nightclub in Surfers Paradise in November 2017. Photo: NZ Herald/ supplied
Caleb Maraku knocks out 19 year old Taliesin O'Meara outisde a nightclub in Surfers Paradise in November 2017. Photo: NZ Herald/ supplied

Over 18,000 have signed a petition calling a deportation for a man who punched another young man unconscious during the Gold Coast Schoolies festival.

Southport magistrate Joan White spared New Zealand-born teenager Caleb Maraku from prison - instead handing down a year's probation for the incident.

The 19-year-old, who moved to Australia six years ago, was filmed brutally punching a man in November last year.

He pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and breaching a banning order, as he was prohibited from being in the area at the time.

The petition calls attention to the breach, and demands Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath force Maraku to return to New Zealand.

"We the community seek to see the deportation of Caleb Maraku as his actions have caused more harm than good in the state of Queensland, Australia,' it reads.

"He not only had cowardly punched a unsuspecting teen in an unprovoked attack but had also disregarded the fact that he was already suspended from Surfers Paradise when the attack took place."

The decision has caused outrage in Australia with thousands of people sharing their views on social media, many asking for him to be deported back to New Zealand.

"These criminals should not be allowed to stay in Australia," one signer said.

"The sentencing for this 'poor excuse' was a disgrace - magistrate should be held accountable," said another.

18,340 people have signed the petition posted on since midday today.

Following the hearing on Friday last week he was ordered to pay the victim $365 compensation for medical bills.

After he left the courthouse on Friday he was recorded laughing and taking selfies with TV reporters.

The case has received a lot of attention around Australia, with several people calling Maraku out - including current and former professional athletes.

Professional Australian boxer Kerry Foley who has recorded 17 knock outs in his career created a Facebook page calling Maraku to fight him.

Telling, Foley said he was going to treat him like a man.

"It was obviously a coward punch but he's acting like he's achieved something from dog slotting a guy.

"He thought he achieved something with that punch but why not fight someone that's actually looking at him.

"I've tried to contact him plenty of ways, he'll eventually see it. He can't hide forever," Foley said.

Former international league player John Hopoate, who is known for inserting his fingers into the backside of opposition players, said he would be after Maraku too.

According to Foley's Facebook page Maraku has been in contact with the pro boxer and agreed to fight.

The post reads that Maraku said he would offer the money to charity and his victim to apologise for what he did.

Foley said that more details would follow when "everything is legally approved".

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