Child support review submissions high

More than 1250 submissions on the review of child support have already been made ahead of the October 29 deadline.

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said there was a lot of interest in the reform of the child support system.

"Contributions received will have a big influence on ensuring that we have a child support scheme that works as effectively as possible for the well-being of our children," he said.

Most of the submissions expressed dissatisfaction with the current system, Mr Dunne said.

"My aim is to make the scheme fairer and to take into account changes in society since the scheme was originally introduced."

A discussion document on the review suggested taking into account the cost of raising a child, the degree of shared care between parents and the income of the parents.

The option of automatically deducting child support payments was also raised.

The public has until October 29 to make a submission online or in writing.




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