Mayor thanks Dunedinites for staying in their bubbles


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Eight days into the nationwide, four week lockdown, in a video message Dunedin mayor Aaron Hawkins is thanking all those taking the threat of Covid-19 seriously.

 "Thank you to all of you who are taking this lockdown seriously by staying at home and staying in your bubble."

Hawkins also encouraged anyone who needed help or support to call the Covid-19 helpline on 0800 322 400.

 "Whether it's getting groceries or medicine, or just friendly ear."


Yes, thankyou, I feel so much more assured.
Now, let's talk about the rates freeze, focus on basics and 'public servants' salary decreases shall we?
You're probably a fairly decent sort of a bloke Aaron, but mate, I've never seen some one so out of their depth since Geoffrey Palmer found himself leading the country in the face or Rogernomics......

Totally agree with Buzz...put your big boy pants on and talk about rates!

It really is funny that this guy thanks all and sundry for living in a bubble. He and his greens mates have been living in a bubble for years. Apart from not bludging car rides and sucking on council coffee, I don't see anything is different today.
Hawkins has no idea on curbing costs to match people abilities to pay. No, we must all suffer just a bit or a big bit to satisfy his greens agenda.

Do us a favour, stay in your rose coloured bubble, hopefully you will do less harm there. still share the same view on cruise ships docking now Aaron for the sake of business over health?