Tired Vic driver jailed for paralysing man

A speeding, "spoilt" and sleep-deprived driver has been jailed for hitting a pedestrian in Melbourne's CBD, leaving the man partially paralysed and with a permanent brain injury.

George Maranis (30) had barely slept in the two days before he veered his BMW X5 into father-of-two and musician Christopher Timms as he was walking near an intersection in February 2016.

Mr Timms, who has two teenage daughters, suffered a fractured skull, back and other injuries and was left paralysed in one side of his body and in need of constant care.

"A fiercely intelligent, witty and passionate man who loved life is now trapped in a disabled body and damaged mind," County Court Judge Paul Higham said of Mr Timms on Friday as he jailed Maranis.

"He has had that life taken away. He's trapped in that body and unable even to cope with his daily bathroom needs."

Maranis was jailed for two years and six months after pleading guilty to dangerous driving causing serious injury to Mr Timms.

The driver had been using the drug "ice" in the days before the crash, was kept awake by it and, while not drug-affected at the time, was dangerously fatigued.

"Cars can be very dangerous weapons in the wrong hands,' Judge Higham said.

"The law places a responsibility on everyone who gets behind the wheel to maintain a standard of sobriety, alertness and due care.

"You were obviously not in control of your vehicle."

Maranis had enjoyed a privileged upbringing, the judge said, and had committed a number of offences in the past including theft.

But before he had only received suspended sentences, and had always been forgiven by his family.

"You were, in short, spoilt," Judge Higham said.

The judge said the crime was too serious to avoid a prison sentence, and hoped other would-be sleep-deprived drivers would take note.

Maranis is deeply sorry for what he'd done to Mr Timms and has had flashbacks and nightmares about the accident.

"I accept that you are genuinely remorseful for your actions and if you could put the clock back you would," the judge said.

"Unfortunately that's not a power available to you, or to anyone."

Maranis must serve at least 18 months in jail before being eligibly for parole, and was disqualified from driving for two years.

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