Great strides for harness racing 

Pedro Pronto and Vilo lead the field second time around in the Forbury Cup, with some horses...
Pedro Pronto and Vilo lead the field second time around in the Forbury Cup, with some horses following without drivers. Otago Witness, 11.12.1923
The local light harness racing season was opened under highly favourable circumstances, as both days of the Forbury Park meeting were favoured by such excellent weather as greatly to assist in attracting very large attendances. The pleasing response made by the public must be highly gratifying to the committee. Light harness racing has made tremendous strides in popularity, and Forbury Park promises to become too small to hold its patrons if the past rate of progress is continued. It has already become far too popular — in fact, dangerously popular — with owners of horses which on public form have every right to be in a race, but, nevertheless, which build fields beyond the region of safety. Something will have to be done to reduce the size of the fields in slow-class races, as it is really farcical to see horses on the limit lined up in three rows and completely blocking out those behind them in a handicap. There is room to widen the track at the mile and five furlong post, but it is doubtful if any great improvement would be effected, and failing the imposing of a special sweepstakes, when fields are limited to a certain number, matinee meetings for novices would be interesting and useful. 

Miss Porteous’ address

An address on "Man’s Moral Attitude Towards the Lower Animals" was delivered by Miss Porteous in the Theosophical Hall on Sunday last. The speaker stated that man’s moral attitude towards the lower animals was a vital, and, indeed, fundamental part of his morality towards his fellowmen. The time was coming when humanity would extend its mantle over everything that breathed. What was needed urgently was some comprehensive and intelligible principle which should indicate in a more consistent manner the true lines of man’s moral relation towards his younger brothers. If man is ever going to do justice to the lower races he must get rid of the antiquated notion of a great gulf fixed between them and mankind, and must recognise the common bond of humanity that united all living beings in one universal brotherhood.

Water to the heart of the desert

After many years’ perseverance and a vast expenditure the Cromwell Development Company can now be said to have attained its objective (reports our Cromwell correspondent). Since early spring the management and staff have been engaged in overhauling the plant and constructing a water channel to distribute the water over the flat, pumping was carried out on Tuesday for a couple of hours, and was continued yesterday without interruption. Only one unit is in commission, running at a minimum, and it was delivering from 12 to 15 heads of water through the pipe line. After visiting the works and seeing the plant in motion, one cannot but marvel at the almost comparative ease with which this volume of water is being pumped. The plant is running exceptionally well, and the pipes show no sign of strain. Only minor leaks at wide intervals are noticeable. The works are now a great centre of interest by the local residents and visitors, and all are enthusiastic in reference to it and its undoubted success. With such a volume of water the Cromwell Flat will soon present a different appearance, and the hitherto barren waste will blossom with production. The general wish is that the company’s enterprise will now be amply rewarded.  — ODT 6.12.23