Harbour infrastructure on display

Excursion to inspect the Otago harbour mole at Aramoana (from left) Speaker of the House of...
Excursion to inspect the Otago harbour mole at Aramoana (from left) Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon C.E. Statham, Commodore Beal (HMS Chatham), Otago Harbour Board chairman T.H. Russell, Mayor of Dunedin H.L. Tapley. Otago Witness, 25.3.1924
A large number, including a big proportion of the fair sex, availed themselves of invitations issued by the chairman of the Otago Harbour Board (Mr T.H. Russell) for the annual trip down the harbour as far as The Spit, which took place yesterday.

The Ferry Company’s steamer Waikana left the wharf shortly before 10.30am, and returned to her berth at Dunedin shortly before 5pm. Visitors provided their own lunch, which was partaken of at The Spit, and afternoon tea provided by the chairman of the board was enjoyed on the journey to Dunedin. The wind was somewhat chilly, but not uncomfortably so, and a most enjoyable day was spent. Among the visitors present were Otago Harbour Board, HMS Chatham’s party, the Hon M. Cohen MLC, the Hon G.M. Thomson MLC, the Hon C.E. Statham (Speaker of the House of Representatives), Mr J. Horn MP, the Mayor of Dunedin (Mr H. L. Tapley) and councillors.

A young woman in ‘trouble’

At the City Police Court yesterday afternoon Richard Pahoro Edmonds was charged before Mr H.W. Bundle SM with having counselled, or procured, George Arthur Kelly to perform an illegal operation upon a female. George Arthur Kelly was charged with having, on November 28, used an instrument with the intention of procuring abortion. Mr Hanlon appeared for Kelly and Mr Irwin for Edmonds. Chief detective Lewis appeared for the police. The first witness called (the girl upon whom the operation had been performed) said she was a waitress, 19 years of age, and had known the accused Edmonds for six or seven months. She had kept company with him since last September, and intimacy had resulted, and she had got into trouble. Edmonds knew of her condition, and said he would do all he could for her.  He asked her to meet him at the corner of High street and said he had arranged for her to go to Wilkinson’s, in the Arcade, and ask for "Dr Casey". She went at 2pm. "Dr Casey" came in about 2.30. He came over to witness and asked her to go into a room. She recognised the man with the spectacles in the dock (Kelly) as "Dr Casey”. He took her into a curtained space off the shop, and she told him what she had come for. He made arrangements for her to see him at the Public Library. She was to bring £20 with her in payment of an operation. It was arranged that witness was to meet "Dr Casey" the following Wednesday if she had the money. Edmonds gave her the £20. She went to the library and waited, and at 2 o’clock she met Kelly, who had a taxi waiting. She told him she had the money, and they got into the taxi. The car stopped in Littlebourne Road. They got out, and Kelly told the taxi-driver to wait, as he would not be very long. The two went into the house by the back door. Witness detailed what happened inside. On leaving, Kelly locked the door and put the key on a ledge underneath a tank. They then drove back to town. Witness was ill after she got home. She went to bed. Later she went to the house where Edmonds was boarding and told him how she was, so that Edmonds might tell Kelly. About a fortnight later Kelly came to her home. He told her she had made a mess of things, and that the detectives had got to know of it. Dr G.P. Fitzgerald deposed that he saw the last witness at the Dunedin Hospital. Detailing what had happened, he said treatment had been tried, but it was decided to operate. Witness gave evidence as to the discovery of acute inflammation dealt with by operative measures. The patient made a good recovery and was discharged from hospital on January 24. Her condition was consistent with a girl having been pregnant and an instrument having been used. The accused reserved their defence, and were committed for trial.

ODT, 18.3.1924  (Compiled by Peter Dowden)