Tally ho

Horses and hounds on their way to an Otago Hunt Club meet. — Otago Witness, 26.8.1924
Horses and hounds on their way to an Otago Hunt Club meet. — Otago Witness, 26.8.1924
Considering the state of the weather on Saturday afternoon there was a good muster of enthusiasts at Mount Grand to take part in the Otago Hunt Club’s run. Although the scent was somewhat patchy, the pack worked splendidly. The ground was very soft at some of the jumps, and, with the exception of two empty saddles, the horses jumped well.

Fire safety for pubs

With the object of ensuring that reasonable provision was made for escape in the event of fire breaking out in any of the hotels within the Dunedin licensing district the Licensing Committee for the city secured a report from Superintendent Napier, of the City Fire Brigade, bearing on the question. In his report, Superintendent Napier, who was accompanied by Mr G. Lawrie (assistant city building inspector), on his visit to the various licensed premises, stated that each house was reported on individually, but there were certain broad aspects which might be considered by the committee. For instance, he believed it would be well for a ruling to be given in regard to the remodelling of hotels in that where such alteration took place outside fire escapes should be provided on each floor, having ladder ways to the ground. 

He considered that in premises situated at a distance from the fire brigade services or where such services were not available immediately if required, some system of first aid, such as a good hand chemical fire extinguisher should be compulsory, thus providing means of checking an incipient outbreak of fire. He also considered that where it was found necessary to use bedrooms as the only means of access to fire escapes the internal fittings of these bedroom doors should be only stout enough to guard against a quick, unwanted entry, but capable of being easily burst away in case of emergency. 

After the business before the committee had been completed the chairman (Mr J.R. Bartholomew) said he desired to express the thanks and indebtedness of the committee to Superintendent Napier and Mr Lawrie for their very valuable report on the hotels in the district. They had gone very thoroughly into the matter, and had taken a commonsense view of the existing conditions. 

The duties of the committee had been lightened very much by the report, and it must be reassuring to the public to have reports from men so well qualified to express an opinion on the subject.

Upstairs bar bar

The upstairs bars which have been established in some of the hotels in Dunedin for the convenience of boarders are not looked upon with favour by the City Licensing Committee, which has emphatically decided that they must no longer remain in existence. This decision was conveyed to the licensees concerned by Mr J.R. Bartholomew SM (chairman of the Licensing Committee) at the adjourned annual meeting yesterday. In stating the committee’s views Mr Bartholomew said that upstairs bars were a recent innovation that existed only in Dunedin. He mentioned that the committee would not object to the establishment of a service-room, where liquor could be stored and served out for the convenience of guests, but it would not permit the continuance of a bar, where liquor could be consumed. — ODT, 17.6.1924

Compiled by Peter Dowden