Cellphone outage grates

A cellphone tower damaged in Thursday's 50ha fire on Cornish Point was yesterday being assessed by Telecom staff but it was not known when service would be back to normal, causing frustration for some users.

Telecom communications manager Holly Wilkinson said technicians had been able to adjust the Mt Difficulty tower to ensure there was ''reduced'' coverage in the Cromwell area. Deputy Mayor and Cromwell Community Board chairman Neil Gillespie said there was ''absolutely'' no service at Lowburn and Telecom should be doing more to raise awareness of the issue.

There were big events being held in the area and he hoped Telecom would be ''using all avenues'' to inform users why the reduction in service had to occur.

Ms Wilkinson said it was not clear when full service would be restored.

Doc Alexandra field base conservation services manager Mike Tubbs said crews were still dampening down hot spots yesterday. Two fenceposts reignited around 7.30am yesterday, prompting the Cromwell Volunteer Fire Brigade to be called out.

Two staff remained at the site overnight and others arrived about 8am yesterday. Yesterday's rain had been ''welcome relief'' but the fire was already ''pretty much dampened down''.

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