'Let's get it done' — chairman calls for review

Luggate Community Association chair Rod Anderson. PHOTO: KERRIE WATERWORTH
Luggate Community Association chair Rod Anderson. PHOTO: KERRIE WATERWORTH
Luggate Community Association chairman Rod Anderson wants a review of the timeframe for commissioning the town’s new water supply and is urging the Queenstown Lakes District Council: "let’s get it done".

The council decided mid-year it would defer the $8.5million upgrade to the Luggate water supply until 2027.

The deferral is one of several district projects being delayed in an attempt to shore up the long-term plan budget against a flood of historic leaky building claims.

The council had spent about $2.8m  on Luggate’s water project before work stopped.

Exactly which deferred projects will get priority to restart depends on what is decided next year when the 2024-34 long term budget comes up for review.

Mr Anderson told the Wānaka Sun this week he was "angry" and "annoyed" to learn the council communications spokesman Sam White had advised the newspaper last week  that "Luggate’s existing infrastructure is sufficient to support the township’s projected growth until the new scheme comes online".

Mr White’s statement was provided in response to questions from the Sun about the capacity for the existing Luggate water supply to cope with increased demand from developers and during the summer dry period.

Mr Anderson disagreed with the QLDC. He said the existing water supply had insufficient capacity to cope until 2027.

"As chair of the Luggate Community Association, I would respectfully request a review of the time frame for commissioning the Luggate water upgrade ... Lack of water supply is compromising development of both domestic housing and commercial activity in Luggate," he said.

Garden irrigation restrictions were common in the summer and it was difficult to mitigate fire risks when water restrictions were in place, he said.

Bores for the new supply had been drilled and proven and agreement on reservoir land had been reached, "so let’s get it done",  Mr Anderson said.