Police inquiry over unlicensed guard

An investigation has been launched by Internal Affairs, after an unlicensed security guard was found working at a Central Otago hot-spot on New Year's Eve.

Police received a tip-off from a member of the public concerning the man, who was dressed as a security guard and appeared to be working at a camping ground.

Sergeant Derek Ealson, of Alexandra, said security guards were required to have a certificate of approval but the man had his revoked in 2010.

''We were called by a member of the public and subsequent inquiries revealed that he does not hold a certificate of approval.

''We have now referred that to Internal Affairs and we will work with them in conjunction to resolve the issue and obviously to maintain that confidence with the public.''

Sgt Ealson said it was a ''concern'' that an unlicensed security guard had been working in the area, but ''no other matters have been brought to our attention, or are currently being investigated''.

He said the Central Otago camping ground employed a security firm to handle security.

''This is part of the reason it has been referred to Internal Affairs, to establish the role this person has or has not [got] with the company,'' Sgt Ealson said.

Internal Affairs community safety manger Steve O'Brien confirmed in a statement he was aware of the incident.

''The department will work in conjunction with Alexandra Police with regard to the unlicensed security guard,'' he said.


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