Police saying little over late-night incident

Central Otago police are said once again to be investigating one of their own after a late-night incident in Clyde.

Police have confirmed they are investigating an incident which took place in Sunderland St about 12.30am on Sunday, December 20, but are not saying whether a police officer was involved.

However, a witness confirmed a person involved was an intoxicated off-duty police officer, who allegedly pushed someone and was verbally abusive.

The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, declined to reveal more about the incident, saying they and other witnesses were "over it'' and "all the police interviews and stuff we've had to do, too''.

A police spokesman declined to comment on most emailed questions asked by the Otago Daily Times, including whether the officer was still working and whether the latest incident, and others before it, would affect the public's trust in Central Otago police.

The reply to those questions, as with most others, was that police could not answer any questions which would identify the occupation of anyone involved, as that could be subject to suppression orders if charges were laid.

The spokesman did, however, confirm the matter was still being investigated and so far no charges had been laid.

The spokesman also confirmed another police officer was driving past at the time of the incident and requested back-up "as per any incident that involves a group of people''.