Stadium to get quantity survey

Vincent Community Board members and staff hold a site meeting on court at Molyneux Stadium, in...
Vincent Community Board members and staff hold a site meeting on court at Molyneux Stadium, in Alexandra. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
A stadium which has served the Alexandra community for more than 50 years is one step closer to fully meeting building standards.

At a meeting earlier this month, the Vincent Community Board (VCB) approved funding for a quantity survey, to provide a cost estimate for compliance and maintenance work for Molyneux Stadium.

Central Otago District Council property officer Tara Bates said the stadium required significant strengthening and maintenance to bring it up to current building standards.

"There’s quite a lot of work got to be done."

The stadium was built in the 1960s with funds raised from the Alexandra Blossom Festival, it holds meeting rooms and a full-size gymnasium with changing facilities.

A detailed seismic assessment done in 2020 showed the stadium was below requirements set out in the New Building Standard (NBS), which indicates a building’s ability to survive an earthquake.

The cost of strengthening the stadium to 34% NBS, the minium requirement, was estimated at $1.38million and costs for this were included in year three of the Long-Term Plan 2021-31, Ms Bates said.

Asbestos had been identified in the building’s interior and exterior cladding and within the building — the cost to remove and replace it was expected to be significant.

An updated quantity survey report would give a "full picture" of work required at the stadium, Ms Bates said.

The stadium was frequently used by the community and hosted three tenants — the Alexandra Rugby Club, Boulder Inn and Circus Space.

Cr Tamah Alley said the quantity survey report was the next step in understanding the costs for the stadium’s future.

The community board agreed to fund the work and will draw $20,000 from the unspent earthquake strengthening budget.

When the quantity surveyor report provided a cost estimate, a report would be presented to the VCB with an update on the full costs required.