Driver 'grossly intoxicated' before crash: Coroner

The death of a builder in a car crash near Lake Ohau was an accident a coroner has ruled.

Rowan Alexander George Yeager's vehicle was discovered on its roof in Freehold Creek beneath a single-lane bridge at about 6am on April 25, 2017.

Coroner David Robinson noted Mr Yeager had a blood alcohol level of 273mg of alcohol to 100ml of blood.

The legal maximum driving limit is 50mgl.

"Mr Yeager was therefore more than five times over the legal limit,'' Mr Robinson said.

"He was grossly intoxicated.''

The blood test was also positive for cannabis.

"It would appear that Mr Yeager's already gross intoxication would have been exacerbated by concurrent cannabis use.''

He had been drinking the previous evening at the Lake Ohau Lodge.


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