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Australian comic Carl Barron will discuss the absurdities of life in the Queenstown Memorial...
Australian comic Carl Barron will discuss the absurdities of life in the Queenstown Memorial Centre on February 4. Photo supplied.
Laid-back Australian comedian Carl Barron returns to Queenstown after five years on February 4 as part of his New Zealand tour called A One Ended Stick. The stand-up comic tells James Beech exactly what Kiwis and Aussies have in common.


Q. What do you remember most about your previous visits to Queenstown?

A. It had really nice trees, really healthy trees. Trees in my street are a bit crook.


Q. Will you go for any adventure activities while you're in town?

A. Yep, for sure, I love extreme sport. I'm booked in to do a bungy jump in a canoe. I love canoeing, especially without the resistance of the water against the paddle.


Q. How would you describe your new show to the uninitiated?

A. Normal everyday stuff with a bit of a kooky twist. Me trying to be me; it might be mundane weirdness.


Q. What are the similarities - and differences - between Aussies and Kiwis?

A. Aussies are louder I reckon, but I think what both countries have in common is that they both love Australia.


Q. What keeps bringing you back to New Zealand?

A. It's good to get out of the burning sun. Look what it does to us - frazzled, dried-up old lizards we are in Oz. You have such rosy cheeks in New Zealand.


Q. Where was the best audience you have experienced in New Zealand so far and where was the worst audience here so far?

A. You're not sucking me in like that - I know your tricks. They were all roughly the same except for one, and they know who they are. That drunk guy better not turn up this time!


Q. You were born in Longreach, Queensland - any recommendations for visitors?

A. Yeah, don't go. It's too hard. It's a long way, it's really hot and when you get there there's bugger all to do; stay home.


Q. Why did you always want to be a comedian?

A. Not my fault. I wanted to be taken serious in my life, but whenever I spoke people laughed at me, so I went with the flow instead of against it.

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