Driver licence testing to move to Frankton

Driver licensing tests in Queenstown will move to Frankton from next Monday because of heavy traffic in the resort's town centre.

New Zealand Transport Agency driver training and testing principal adviser Jim Furneaux said ''the test was moved primarily because the Queenstown location had periodic heavy traffic volumes, which caused extended test durations and delays''.

The test will still include driving in Queenstown, but not to the same extent as previously.

The tests previously started from outside the Citizens Advice Bureau, in Stanley St.

The new start location is outside the AA office, which is based inside Smiths City, at the Remarkables Park shopping centre, in Frankton.

Mr Furneaux said the test route would not be the same as the one which started in Queenstown, but there was always more than one test route.

''There is always more than one test route in each location, and although these test routes may take the candidate on the same or similar roads, the locations where the individual task assessment items will be scored will vary from one test route to another,'' Mr Furneaux said.

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