Effluent spill beside SH6

An animal effluent spill near the Frankton Golf Course left a large stain beside State Highway 6 yesterday.

A week ago, the Otago Regional Council issued a request to dairy farmers, sharemilkers and truckies to keep southern roads and waterways effluent-free over the coming weeks.

Many sharemilkers are shifting stock between Southland, Central Otago and North Otago as part of the annual winter grazing and farm changeover, the statement from ORC said.

The effluent in Frankton yesterday was in a wide tarsealed lane beside State Highway 6 and visible to people driving from Queenstown Airport into Queenstown.

Last night it was not clear whose responsibility it was to clean the effluent off the road.

The effluent could become slippery with frost, and farmers could avoid spills by standing stock off green feed overnight before moving them, the ORC said.



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