'Mum' ready to help others do the chores

Queenstown businesswoman Moira Finlin who recently launched "Hire A Mum" in the resort. Photo by...
Queenstown businesswoman Moira Finlin who recently launched "Hire A Mum" in the resort. Photo by Tracey Roxburgh.
A Queenstown woman who questioned where her quality of life had gone has now dedicated her time to helping others find theirs.

Businesswoman Moira Finlin said when she was working fulltime she became frustrated at arriving home to a house that needed to be cleaned, a meal to be cooked, washing to be done and gardens to be tended - all of which took time away from her family.

"Where was the quality of life?

"There was always something to be done.

"The more women I talked to, the more said they would love a cleaner or someone to help."

It was the beginning of an idea which turned into a business Ms Finlin launched about a month ago - Hire A Mum.

"[It's] very much like your second mum ... [it's] your best friend; you can always rely on her.

"I love to make people's lives happy.

"It doesn't matter how gross or dirty, Mum will do it.

"It's about making lives easier so people can spend more time with their families and friends and take the hassle out of life."

Along with cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, gardening and babysitting, Ms Finlin said Hire A Mum could also take care of grocery shopping and catering ahead of events "so you've got time to go out and do what you want to do ... and be a relaxed host".

"If one of your kids is sick and you've got a deadline at work ... and you're in such a dilemma, Hire A Mum will step in and come and look after your child - the list is absolutely endless."

Already she has been working for real estate companies, preparing houses for sale and for open homes and has introduced gift vouchers for those wanting to give someone a useful present.

While she does the majority of the work herself, some elements are contracted out, for example, sewing.

"As I grow I will introduce more staff, but they have to be people who are passionate about what they do and making people's lives easier.

"At the moment I'm in the early stages, but my focus for the next six months is to market myself ... the long-term goal would be to franchise it.

"Hire A Mum is a reflection of my personality.

"I like to look after people the best I can ... I like to inspire people and motivate people ... and it's exciting to be doing something for myself."

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