Police cracking down on cannabis offenders during harvest time

At least three people will face cannabis charges in Queenstown as police warn they are targeting alleged suppliers and buyers during the drug harvest.

Detective Matt Jones, of Queenstown, said two of the three arrested were men from the United Kingdom on working visas.

One is a 29-year-old landscape gardener and the other is a 32-year-old unemployed man.

Both were charged with possession for supply. A 17-year-old unemployed man from Quail Rise faces multiple charges, including selling a class C drug, procuring a class C drug and offering to sell a class B drug.

Police have carried out search warrants in Queenstown where they say there is ''quite a lot of cannabis'' due to the harvest.

Other arrests have been made, including a woman who received a pre-charge warning.

Det Jones said alleged dealers might not necessarily know each other.

''We have been recovering small amounts of cannabis,'' he said.

''This is harvest season.''

He warned suppliers and regular buyers would be targeted.

''What we hope to do is, we are not simply looking at the people who are dealing but also the people who are buying it regularly ... we will certainly be following up with them.''

The men are expected to appear in the Queenstown District Court.

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