Skiers in lap of weather gods

Whatever the weather delivered last night will have a major bearing on whether the Cardrona Alpine Resort turns on its chairlifts for skiers tomorrow.

As of yesterday afternoon, prospects were no better than 50-50 the skifield would have enough snow to make its proposed opening date.

Warm weather and rain have affected the amount of snow on the field in recent days. However, there have been promising signs fresh snow is imminent.

The field's new general manager, Bridget Legnavsky, was not ruling out yesterday the possibility of opening on time.

''The last 24 hours has been incredible. We had cold temperatures most of the night [Tuesday] and have made a lot of snow and it's looking very white.

''We will be out there assessing it tonight [Wednesday] and seeing how much snow we make ... before we make the call in the morning.''

Ms Legnavsky said if it was decided to open the field tomorrow it was likely there would be ''limited'' skiing - unless there was a lot of fresh snow.

The MetService was predicting 1cm of snow and a minimum temperature of -8degC for Cardrona last night.

Ms Legnavsky said a party celebrating the skifield's return to New Zealand ownership would be held on Saturday, snow or no snow.

Queenstown-based Real Journeys bought the skifield from the Australian-owned Vealls Ltd in November.

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