Offender’s name suppressed

A once prominent businessman and convicted fraudster who stole from a Queenstown supermarket cannot be named.

The man, aged in his 60s, was sentenced to a lengthy term of home detention for an array of fraud charges in the past decade.

Now living in the Wakatipu, he was caught shoplifting from Pak’nSave Queenstown four times between September 10 and September 18 last year.

At a sentencing hearing in the Queenstown District Court on Wednesday, counsel Megan Waller sought permanent name suppression for the defendant.

He had a long history of diagnosed mental health conditions, and there was a "real and significant risk of harm" from publishing his name, Ms Waller said.

He had told his employer about the latest offending, and given them a copy of his psychiatric report.

They remained supportive, she said.

The offending was "relatively minor", with the stolen items valued at $530.

However, the defendant "absolutely does not want to do this again and wants to identify the triggers".

Judge Russell Walker said the "extremely detailed" information he had read about the defendant’s mental health struggles justified an order for permanent name suppression.

Noting the defendant would have been a candidate for a discharge without conviction were it not for his previous offending, he entered convictions and sentenced him to nine months’ supervision.