Perfect woman has many talents

Perfect woman 2012 Sheree Healey (30), from Middlemarch (right) and runners up, last year's...
Perfect woman 2012 Sheree Healey (30), from Middlemarch (right) and runners up, last year's winner C.J. Maxwell (24, centre), of Queenstown, and Sara Reveley (22) from Ranfurly. Photo by Mark Price.
For the first time in the 10-year history of Wanaka's Perfect Woman contest, contestants had to skin a newborn lamb. And the 10 finalists did it yesterday without batting an eyelid.

The man behind the contest, former Wanaka publican Stew Burt, said every year the perfect woman had to skin something. This year just happened to be the year of the lamb.

And, without even washing up, the contestants went straight into assembling a saw horse and then were let loose with shears on the hair of 10 volunteers.

The contest required the women to sew on buttons, taste beer, fit snow chains, play pool, golf and darts, kick rugby balls, drive jet-boats, hammer nails, prepare food and give speeches in their good gear.

At the end, even the organisers watching sounded tired.

This year, top honours and $1000 cash went to Sheree Healey, who farms sheep and cattle with her partner near Middlemarch.

She had no problem skinning a lamb and found the baking the most difficult task, settling for star-shaped whitebait patties in different colours to reflect an Olympic theme.

"I'm not a baker."

Originally from Pukekohe, Ms Healey moved to Middlemarch to be with her partner, who said he would not be "shacking up" with a woman who could not shear or skin a sheep, drive a tractor or carry a pig out of a gully.

"I tick all those boxes."


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