Point break on the lake

Eager surfers made the most of severe weather conditions in Queenstown yesterday as furious gusts of wind created rideable waves on Lake Wakatipu.

The group of surfers were captured on film taking to the choppy waters, near Fernhill, by Queenstown resident Lydia Clarke.

Ms Clarke said the extreme weather came through for the group, "providing the good stuff''.

One of the surfers, Jalan Heaton (20), of Queenstown, said he knew the waves were going to be big and "boosted down there'' in his car with a group of friends.

"It was gnarly. I had one set that came up to my chest.

"I have surfed out there before, about two months ago.''

Heavy winds of up to 105kmh wreaked havoc in Queenstown throughout the evening, causing trees and power lines to fall and block roads across the resort.

 - joshua.walton@odt.co.nz

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