Brothers' 50-year service marked

Celebrating the Brenssell brothers’ 50-year involvement in Freemasons are (from left) Very...
Celebrating the Brenssell brothers’ 50-year involvement in Freemasons are (from left) Very Worshipful Brother Les Brenssell and his wife Evelyn, Most Worshipful Brother Mark Winger, Grand Master, and Worshipful Brother Harry Brenssell and his wife Prue. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Two brothers have been honoured for their 50-year history with Freemasons - but the family involvement does not stop there.

Accompanying the decades-long Freemasons membership of Les and Harry Brenssell is years of service from their other brothers and their brother-in-law as well.

Les Brenssell, of Alexandra, and Harry Brenssell, of Ettrick, joined the Tapanui Masonic Lodge on the same day 50 years ago.

Their long service has been recognised in a ceremony at the Tapanui Lodge, where the Grand Master of Freemasons New Zealand, Most Worshipful Brother Mark Winger, presided over the presentation of 50-year badges to both men.

Other Freemasons New Zealand leaders and members of the Irish, Scottish and English constitutions and other lodges were also at the ceremony, as well as other Brenssell family members.

Les Brenssell said their brother, Brian, who had almost 40 years' membership of the Tapanui Lodge, was also at the ceremony.

Their other brother, the late George Brenssell, had been a Master of two Lodges in Australia, and their brother-in-law, Lindsay Hellewell, was still a member of the Tapanui Lodge.

Les Brenssell said he had loved the fellowship of the Freemasons, and the increasing knowledge and publicity about the work the Freemasons did was a good thing, and meant more people were aware of their volunteering and financial contribution to society.

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