Telford fees to rise next year

Students who want to study at a Telford Rural Polytechnic next year will have to pay higher fees.

The Telford council yesterday decided to raise fees in 2011 by 4% including GST, meaning a domestic student enrolling in the certificate of agriculture course, which in 2010 cost $3190, will pay $3317.60 next year.

The Telford Hall of Residence, which runs at a loss of $100,000 to $170,000 each year, depending on occupancy, will have hostel fees increased by 5%.

From January 1, hostel residents will be charged a weekly rate for each week of their course.

Students staying for five days, with communal facilities, will each pay $181.79, while a student paying for an ensuite room for seven days will pay $280.99.


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