Black mould found in council chamber

Wet black mould has been found in Environment Southland’s council chamber and meetings have been moved out of it until further notice.

Organisational development and transformation general manager Amy Kubrycht said it was found in early July on a wall above a window, and then confirmed by a test.

"As a result, we have moved meetings out of the chamber until further notice.

"We’ve engaged an environmental consultant to determine if there is black mould in other parts of the building and in what form, and expect the results of this back in the next week.

"This will enable us to remediate the problem fully and safely. Until then, we can’t comment on timeframes or costs."

She noted the finding did not necessarily mean people in the building had been exposed to allergens.

"We have asked staff to talk to their managers if they are concerned, and we are keeping staff informed. The health and safety of our staff, councillors and the public is our highest priority, so we are moving quickly to manage the situation.”


That might explain all the irrational acts committed by the DCC. Better explanation than the other!